A “Little” Insight

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” Lk.16:10
This refers to our use of worldly wealth here on earth, but other areas of responsibility should not be neglected. I have worked in a correctional facility for several years now and I think about this principal as I see new hires come and go-mainly with regards to time. Like any other job, we are supposed to be on time. This is the simplest of all expectations when it comes to work. Arriving on time is also a tell tale sign of reliability. I have seen new hires come in late to their initial training, (not just once but several times) however, they seemed to have “time” to stop at Dunkin Donuts and grab a coffee. So, if I were a supervisor and saw this, why would I entrust to them greater responsibility when basic expectations are not met? Likewise, how can we, in our Christian walk, expect God to entrust us with certain ministries or careers when we haven’t shown ourselves to be faithful in the little jobs he has given us? We must not forget our character is a sum total of our individual traits.  On June 24, 2000 the New York Times reported the following story: 
J. P. Morgan & Company, a bank worth $21 billion, was disconnected from the Internet on June 13, 2000 for failure to pay a $35 bill. The venerable Wall Street firm found itself without a Web site or an e-mail connection to the outside world because it had failed to renew the registration of www.jpmorgan.com , the domain name that serves as its address on the World Wide Web. Throughout the day, clients were unable to visit the Web site or exchange e-mail messages with the firm’s bankers and traders. All that frustration could have been averted if Morgan had sent a check for $35 for the annual registration fee to Network Solutions, a domain-name registrar in Herndon, Virginia. It pulled the plug on Morgan six weeks after Morgan’s bill came due and after sending the firm at least three bills, said Chris Clough, vice president for corporate communications at Network Solutions.
Granted, $35 dollars doesn’t seem much to a billion dollar company but it affected the entire organization that day. Our stewardship with little things in our lives is like the individual strokes on a painting forming a “picture of faithfulness”. What does yours look like?


Fly Fishing tip of the Week: Color Spectrum
After watching a video on advanced streamer fishing with Kelly Galloup I learned a simple but effective method when trying to figure out what color is working. Most of the time we change the color of our flies with no pattern behind it. Galloup suggests transitioning from one end of the spectrum to the other and so forth. If you start w/ black and that’s not working go to white. After you do change flies place the used fly on a drying pad or in a separate box so you know what colors you have tried so far. 
Tight Lines!