The Rephidim Project exists to support those on the frontlines of spiritual battle with the resources to be refreshed through the study of Scripture to spread God’s Word in this world more effectively. Pastors and missionaries become weary in the work and may feel isolated and discouraged. We seek to “encourage the exhausted and strengthen the weak” (Isaiah 35:3) through developing and distributing resources for Bible exposition. We believe that feeding deeply on God’s Word refreshes the soul. We also believe that incarnational teaching encourages the weary. We spread God’s Word more effectively when we feed on God’s Word in fellowship with others.
Galilee Baptist Church is the fiscal sponsor of The Rephidim Project and supports the ministry financially as a mission agency. The Rephidim Project is incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the State of Maine with a Board of Directors which manages the operation of the ministry. However, The Rephidim Project exists under the umbrella of Galilee Baptist Church for its tax-exempt status and submits financial reports annually to the Board of Elders at Galilee Baptist Church. 
For more information on The Rephidim Project, please visit their website.