“…who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”
Romans 1:18b
If you or I were to have a conversation with someone about the topic of “truth” today you may walk away from it second guessing your own name. So before we can know the “truth” We have to establish the truth about, well, truth. To begin with, logically something that is inherently true is true whether I believe it or not. Truth exists “outside of the mind”¹. Postmodernists want to define truth as belief, concluding that we can never really know what is real therefore truth is what we perceive. This line of thinking leads nowhere fast because we can never truly judge what is “true”. Another aspect of truth is that it is consistent or coherent. For instance, as Christians we believe in grace. Therefore grace must be seen in all of my life. If I find that I am showing grace only in certain instances or with particular individuals then I am not living truthfully. Finally, truth must be knowable. If we cannot know truth than our entire worldview falls apart and we live in a constant lie. This is one of the biggest arguments of our day, that we cannot really know what is true. However, we see that this is only applied to certain realms, particularly the religious one, which brings us to the verse above. People suppress (hold back, prevent, restrain) the truth so they do not have to live in line with it. But this is the biggest deceit of all, because what those individuals are doing in the name of freedom and self preservation ultimately ends in servitude and destruction. So when Jesus says, “I am the truth”, do we believe Him? If so, are we living in line with that truth? There is no middle ground. Either this is true or not. We can suppress it or face it, but either way the ramifications are huge….truthfully.
¹ Philosophy News, “What is Truth”. Pardi, Paul.

Fly Fishing Tip: The Alevin. An Alevin is a newly hatched par with the egg sac still attached. They mostly stay in the gravel but once in a while come out and free float through the water system. When they do they make an opportune meal for winter hungry fish. They hatch from late February through March. There are plenty of patterns out there, fish them deep and slow. Click here for a good pattern.